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    What Type of Yarn to Buy?

    When looking for yarn for knitting or crocheting, you need to look for yarn that best works for you.  However, for beginners, it can be hard to decide, and that’s why this post will discuss “what type of yarn to buy”, and the top factors to consider when choosing these.     Types of fibers…

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  • Crochet and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Crochet and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

      Hello and welcome! I’m glad you stopped by today. Have you ever sat down to crochet with the intentions of only spending a few minutes on your project but instead spend more than an hour on it? I have. This not only puts a strain on your back and neck, but it can also…

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  • Why Do You Crochet?

      I must make a confession. I love to crochet. No big surprise right? But you may be surprised why. Crochet for me not only gives me a chance to keep busy and express my creativity, but it is also a great source of comfort to me. Both my mother and grandmother crocheted so when…

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  • Yarn 101 – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Yarn

    Every you need to know about Yarn from History and picking the right Yarn for your next Crochet Project Hello, and thanks for stopping by! Today I wanted to share some interesting information about yarn. We all take for granted when we go to our favorite store the fact we’ll have plenty of yarn to…

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  • Health Benefits of Crochet

    I really enjoy crocheting. It helps me not only express my creativity, but it is calming and helps me stay centered. I know when I suffered the loss of loved ones a few years ago, crochet was one of the things that kept me going. I could lose myself in the patterns and stitches and…

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    Knitting versus Crochet – Know the Difference

    Have you ever been somewhere crocheting and someone compliments you on your knitting? You grit your teeth, smile, and point out that it is crochet. Or you just smile and say thank you. To be fair, both use implements and yarn so to the uncrafty they look very similar. I enjoy both crafts, but I…

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