Crochet for Beginners: How to Single Crochet Stitch

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New to crocheting? In this article, we’ll be learning step-by-step how to work the single crochet stitch.

When learning to crochet, one of the first stitches beginners need to learn is the single crochet stitch. This stitch is the building block of crochet and is used to create a wide variety of projects.

It’s very simple to work, so it’s perfect for beginners who are first starting out. In this article, we’ve got easy step-by-step instructions with pictures so you can learn exactly how to do it.

There is even a video tutorial so you can follow along and master the single crochet stitch in no time.

Let’s begin!

What is the Single Crochet Stitch?

The single crochet stitch is one of the most basic and fundamental of all crocheting stitches. It is used in every pattern, from beginners to experts.

You can use single crochet stitches to create tight, dense fabric and patterns. Because the stitch is so simple it’s very versatile and can be used in a variety of patterns and projects.

In fact, if you can do the single crochet stitch you can officially crochet, including making full projects. Here are some project ideas you can make with just the single crochet stitch.

  • Scarves
  • Blankets
  • Pot Holders
  • Coasters
  • Pillow covers
  • Dishcloths

How to Single Crochet Stitch Step-By-Step Instructions

As I’ve mentioned the single crochet stitch is a very versatile stitch. One of the ways it’s commonly used is in creating a foundation row for other projects or patterns.

Here is how to work the single crochet stitch in a foundation row:

Materials Needed

  • Yarn: you can use any yarn weight.
  • Crochet hook: Be sure to match the size of your hook to the yarn. The thicker the yarn, the bigger the crochet hook you will need. The thinner the yarn, the smaller the crochet hook.

Crochet Abbreviations

For this pattern, I will be using the Craft Yarn Council U.S. abbreviations.

  • yo: yarn over
  • ch: chain stitch
  • sc: single crochet stitch

Step 1: Create a slip knot and a number of chain stitches. However wide you want your pattern will be how many chain stitches you make. For this example, I did ch 15.

Step 2: Now we’ll be working back in the other direction. Skip the first stitch and insert your hook into the next stitch.

Step 3: Yo and pull up a loop. (You should have 2 loops on your crochet hook.)

Step 4: Yo and pull the hook through both loops. That’s your first single crochet stitch.

That’s it! The single crochet stitch is really as simple as that.

For most projects, you’ll simply repeat the single crochet stitch until the end of the row and then start a new row. You’ll continue to single-crochet additional rows until you reach the desired length for your project.

How to Single Crochet Stitch Video Tutorial

Follow along with me in this single crochet stitch video tutorial!

Single Crochet Stitch in Another Row

Another common way that the single crochet stitch is used is to stitch onto an existing row of stitches. The basics of this are the same, but it does look quite a bit different than stitching into a chain of stitches.

This can sometimes be a little confusing for new crocheters.

Step 1: Start with your crochet hook through the loop. Insert your hook under both loops of the next stitch in the previous row.

Step 2: Yo and pull up a loop. (You should have 2 loops on your crochet hook.)

Step 3: Yo and pull through both loops.

Single Crochet Stitch in the Round

The last way that you will most commonly use the single crochet is to crochet in the round. This is when you are working in a continuous loop rather than single rows.

Step 1: Start by creating a slip knot and then ch a number of stitches. Join your last ch to your first ch with a slip stitch. This becomes your starting circle.

Step 2: Insert your hook into the first chain stitch you made. Yo and pull up a loop. (You should have 2 loops on your crochet hook.)

Step 3: Yo and pull through both loops.

Step 4: Continue single crocheting around until you reach the end of the round. When you reach the last single crochet, slip stitch to the first single crochet of the round.

Tips for Working the Single Crochet Stitch

If you find that your single crochet stitches are too tight or loose, it’s likely because the tension of your yarn is off. This can happen if you’re holding the yarn too tightly or not tightly enough.

Make sure to keep a steady pressure on your yarn as you work and adjust it every few rows if needed.

I also recommend using a single crochet marker when working single crochet stitches in the round. This will help you keep track of the beginning and end of the rounds, so you don’t get lost in your pattern.

How to Single Crochet Stitch FAQs

 Here are some frequently asked questions about the single crochet stitch

What is SC in crocheting?

SC stands for single crochet stitch. It’s an abbreviation used in crochet patterns.

What is single crochet even?

Single crochet even is a term used to describe single crocheting an even number of stitches in each row. This creates a consistent and even pattern in your project.

When inserting the hook into the stitch below, does one go under the top of the stitch, i.e. 2 sections of yarn, or just one?

When single crocheting, you should always insert your hook under both loops of the stitch below. This will create a neat and even single crochet stitch.

Inserting in either just the front loop or the back loop will create a different design and look to your crochet pattern. So insert under both loops unless specified in the pattern.

How do I move on to the next row?

When single crocheting in rows, you will move on to the next row by turning your work. This means that you will turn your crochet project so that the wrong side (the back side) is facing up.

Chain stitch 1 and then your next single crochet stitch should be worked into the first stitch of the previous row. Then continue with your single crochet stitches to the end of the row.

Why are the edges of my project uneven?

If you are single crocheting and the edges of your project look uneven it’s most likely because you’re dropping or adding stitches. This can happen if you’re not counting the single crochet stitches that you make.

Make sure to not single crochet in your turning chain stitch. You can also count your stitches in each row to make sure you’re making the correct amount.

This should prevent any uneven edges in your single crochet project.

Crochet for Beginners Series

 I hope this article was helpful in learning how to work the single crochet stitch. If you’d like to learn more, check out some of the other articles in our Crochet for Beginners series:

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Conclusion to How to Single Crochet Stitch

Now that you know how to single crochet stitch, it’s time to start practicing! With a little practice, you’ll be crocheting in no time.

Remember to keep a steady tension on your yarn and take your time. If you get stuck, go back and review the instructions or the video tutorial for more guidance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Happy crocheting!

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