• Crocodile Stitch for Beginners

    The crocodile stitch is such a fun stitch! It can add a unique texture to your project or it can give your crochet creation the look of scales or feathers! This stitch can be used for everything from scarfs, jackets, hats, blankets, etc. It is a layered stitch so there are some parts of the…

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  • Crochet Shell Stitch for Beginners

    The crochet shell stitch is a classic stitch and is perfect for beginners! It is easy to learn and is a beautiful stitch that is sure to impress! This stitch is very versatile and can be used for any of your favorite crochet projects. It can be used for blankets, hats, scarfs, and for anything…

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  • The Single Crochet Stitch

    The single crochet stitch is one of the first stitches that you should learn when you are just starting out in learning how to crochet. The single crochet stitch can be used for almost any crochet project. It can be used for blankets, clothing, hats, stuffed animals/dolls, etc! It can also be worked in a…

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  • Crochet Magic Ring for Beginners

    The magic ring, also commonly called a magic circular, is a great stitch for any beginner to learn. This stitch can be used for making any pattern that goes in a round. When a pattern goes in a round there is no point where you have to stop and turn your project, but the project…

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    Christmas Coaster Using Tapestry Crochet

    Hello! Hope you are having a nice day! Today, I am sharing with you the pattern for a Crochet Christmas Coaster. Making this coaster you can learn a new skill of Tapestry crochet. This coaster can be used to lay on the table to hold phones, cups, and small pots. I have used bright Christmas…

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  • Crochet Cowl

    Cushy Crochet Cowl

      Hello and welcome! I’m glad you stopped by. Recently I was blessed to receive a box of various types of yarn from a friend. She is a weaver and she found a bunch of yarn in her aunt’s closet. She couldn’t use all of it so she graciously sent me what she couldn’t use.…

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  • Crochet Entrelac

    Crochet Entrelac Technique Basics

    Hello and welcome! Thanks for stopping by today. Crochet Entrelac has always been a challenge for me to master. I’ve watched several videos showing how to crochet the Entrelac technique and practiced several times in an effort to get the hang of it. I could do it, but my projects just didn’t look neat or…

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  • Tunisian Crochet

    Tunisian Crochet Basics and Stitches

    Hello and welcome to today’s blog! I hope this finds you well. Today I thought it would be fun to learn a new skill; Tunisian crochet. I fell in love with Tunisian crochet a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Tunisian crochet is also known as the Afghan stitch. Over the years it has…

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  • Summer Beach Crochet Tote

        Spring is right around the corner which means summer is not far behind. With summer comes time at the beach, pool, and enjoying outdoor activities. This means you need a tote to carry what you need such as bathing suits, towels, toys for the kids, snacks, bottles of water, and games. Totes and…

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  • 5 Shell Crochet Stitch Variations and a Free Crochet Hat Pattern

        Hello and welcome! I really like the shell stitch. It is pretty and adds a lot of interest to projects. There are several variations of the Shell Crochet Stitch and today I thought it might be fun to explore a few of them. Shell stitches can be used in afghans, hats, garments, baby…

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  • Spring Granny Square Poncho – Crochet

      The complete guide to Crocheting the Spring Granny Square Poncho Hello and welcome to today’s blog! I was blessed with two grandchildren last year. My son and his wife had a little girl and my daughter had a boy. My grandkids about a month apart in age and right now are just over a…

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